Marcus King has released a new music video for “One Day She’s Here”, from his 2020 solo album, El Dorado.

“One Day She’s Here” joins “The Well” as the only two songs from El Dorado to feature visual accompaniment. As King forges a separate identity from his titular Marcus King Band, experiments like music videos show that the differences go beyond music.

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The video for “One Day She’s Here” finds King beneath the lights of the stage, performing as he is wont to do. A statuesque woman clad in all white, painted in angelic spotlight catches King’s eye, and becomes the object of affection for the entire video. King scours the crowd, backstage, and all the honkey tonk bars for this “pretty white girl in a Coupe DeVille/ Saw her disappear up across the hill/ One day she’s here the next she’s gone/ Didn’t even get to hear me sing my song.” Through parallel and cyclical film techniques, King goes through the motions of searching for love only for the video to come full circle and bring him back to the stage where he first saw her through reverse motion photography.

King said of the video,

I’m so happy with the way the video turned out. I wanted to try for a David Lynch approach with this. Josh Shoemaker was just the man for the job. We had so many dear friends come and be a part of it as well. I’m excited to share with y’all.

Watch the video for “One Day She’s Here” from Marcus King.

Marcus King – “One Day She’s Here” (Official Video)

[Video: The Marcus King Band]

The Marcus King Band was set to open a pair of shows for Chris Stapleton in Ohio later this month, but due to that state’s shelter-in-place order those gigs will not take place as scheduled. The band’s next performance is not until Virgin Fest June 6th–7th in Los Angels, CA. Given the ever-evolving situation regarding live music and the spread of COVID-19, even those dates are not guaranteed. Visit the Marcus King Band’s website for updated information.