Enigmatic bassist MonoNeon is angling to place his famed funky farts in homes around the world with a new signature Fender bass (headstock sock included) and a special edition collaboration with The Fart Pedal.

Per a description from Fender, “The MonoNeon Jazz Bass V features an alder body finished in an eye-popping neon yellow urethane finish, complemented by a neon orange painted headstock and pickguard. The 22-fret one-piece roasted maple neck features a 10”-14” compound radius fingerboard and elegant white pearl block inlays. Custom-wound Fireball 5-string Bass Humbucking pickups deliver fat, punchy tone while the 18v active preamp with 3-band EQ provides flexible tone-shaping for any style of music. The Fender HiMass string-through/top-load bridge provides increased resonance and sustain, and the gold hardware adds to the distinctive look of this stunning bass.”

The MonoNeon Jazz Bass V also comes with a number of accessories to help round out its namesake aesthetic including a custom sock for the headstock and a sticker pack—and if you really want to go full Mono, you can go ahead and flip that right-handed bass over and play it leftie.

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Other MonoNeon items now available via Fender include guitar straps, picks, shirts, and socks. Check out the full collection here. Watch MonoNeon show off his new Fender signature bass in the video below.

Exploring The MonoNeon Signature Jazz Bass V

If you follow MonoNeon’s social media channels—or his alternate, fart-based Instagram account—you’re already well aware of his fondness for flatulence. Now, you can make your axe fart like the master with The Fart Pedal: MonoNeon Edition. As the product description for the effects pedal notes, “Inspired by one of Mono’s distinctive quilted outfits, it’s loaded with a whole new library of juicy sploots and stanky bompers. This limited edition comes sealed in a can o’ beans with new artwork featuring MonoNeon farting waves of beans into his audience’s hungry mouths.” Only 250 of the MonoNeon edition Fart Pedals were produced. Grab yours here before the deal passes.


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For a list of upcoming MonoNeon tour dates, head here.