On Friday, livetronica quintet Papadosio released a new track called “You’re a Catman”. The song is the third release from the band’s upcoming album, following previous singles “Not Just A Word” and “Zoom Out”.

Starting right off with a time-traveling synth ride atop fast-paced, syncopated drums, “You’re a Catman” takes clear influence from the progressive rock of the ’70s and ’80s and uses this foundation to create a unique sound of interstellar jazz. Speckled with cat noises, resonant string samples, curious keys, and chunky bass lines, the song intermittently drops into slower, funkier segments that help the listener find their feet and balance their groove before throttling back into intricate realms of arcade space travel.

“You’re a Catman” feels like a ride both backward and forward in time. Without time for words, it evokes the thrilling sensation of questioning where one is, who one is, perhaps even what one is.

According to Papadosio, this instrumental track is “an ode to believing in yourself and landing on your feet even if you get scratched on the way down.”

“You’re a Catman” is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen via YouTube in the player below, and consider subscribing to the Papadosio Bandcamp for access to all released tracks and mastered soundboards from all live performances.

Papadosio is currently in the midst of a four-night run in Colorado, with a two-night run set for New Year’s Eve at the Orange Peel in its hometown of Asheville, NC, as well as dates throughout the winter in Florida and the Southeast. Find tickets and more information at the Papadosio website, here.

Papdosio – “You’re A Catman”