Phish has announced the details for the fourth edition of their Dinner and a Movie webcast/cooking series. The show? 8/22/15, day two of Magnaball at Watkins Glenn International in New York. The dinner? A three-course meal from Jon and Briar Fishman featuring a white bean dip, (Magna) meatballs and tomato sauce, and chocolate mousse. Phish noted that, since this is a three-set concert, this week’s stream will begin at 7 p.m. ET, and air for free via LivePhish and the band’s Facebook page. Read along with our Magnaball Stream Companion as you watch below:

Phish – Magnaball – 8/22/15 [Three Sets] – Dinner and a Movie Ep. 4

This follows Episode 1 (8/31/12 and Trey & Sue’s “Between Me and My Mouth” veggie chili), Episode 2 (7/27/14 and Mike’s favorite Hen of the Wood mushroom toast), and Episode 3 (7/25/17 and Page’s Tuna Sandwich). The Dinner and a Movie webcasts have become an eventful weekly highlight for Phish fans during the ongoing quarantines. During Episode 2, the band hopped on a video call during setbreak to announce the release of their new album, Sigma Oasis.

This three-set show from the second day of Magnaball at Watkins Glen was filled with plenty of memorable moments, including a bust out of “Mind Left Body Jam” for the first time since 1998. The crowning moment, however, goes to the “Tweezer” > “Prince Caspian” that closed the second set. The nearly 35 minutes of impeccable sonic exploration was a highlight of the entire festival, and was posted to the band’s YouTube page only a couple of weeks later.

No Dinner and a Movie would be complete, however, without the dinner. It had to be tough trying to top Page’s tuna sandwiches from last week, but Mr. and Mrs. Fishman, along with the staff at their Lincolnville General Store in Maine, outdid themselves with a three-course meal. With a parmesan white bean dip segueing straight into a (Magna) meatballs and homemade tomato sauce followed by chocolate mouse to close out the meal. For Episode 4, the band has chosen Hunger Free America as this week’s charity, as the announcement notes,

Hunger Free America is a nonpartisan, national nonprofit group working to enact the policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger and ensure that all Americans have sufficient access to nutritious food. They are both a direct service and advocacy organization. Currently, HFA is addressing the worsening hunger crisis by coordinating food responses with federal, state and local government agencies and nonprofit partners, as well as lobbying elected officials at all levels to provide the food and money resources needed. For more information visit

For more details and this week’s recipes, check out the band’s Facebook post below.

Tune into LivePhish or the band’s Facebook page on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET for a free broadcast of Phish’s three-set performance at Magnaball on 8/22/15.