Third Man Records has announced the second season of the podcast Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes. The podcast will return on Wednesday, April 8th, after season one concluded in October 2019.

Season One of Striped saw host Sean Cannon examine the humble beginnings of The White Stripes, one of modern rock n’ roll’s under appreciated preservationists, through interviews with members of bands like The MC5, Pavement, The Raconteurs, The Detroit Cobras, The Dirtbombs, The Soledad Brothers, filmmaker Lance Bangs, and more. The minimal two-piece baffled many in Detroit during their early years, compelling many to wonder how a duo could make so much, well… noise. It detailed the makings of the band’s first, self-titled album and the rumors of a breakup before an eventual breakout.

Season Two will pick up where Season One left off; at the beginning of a launching pad year for the band and the start of a new millennium , 2000. As the podcast trailer description notes,

For The White Stripes, 1999 might have been a bedrock year, but 2000 is when things got real. From winning over the greatest DJ of all time and being pursued by the coolest record labels, to wowing the hottest band of the moment and blowing minds around the world — season 2 of Striped follows The White Stripes as things begin to boil over.

It will undoubtedly explore the makings of De Stijl, The Stripes’ sophomore album, which celebrates its 20th anniversary on June 20th and helped the band achieve international recognition. Watch the season two trailer below and head to the Third Man Records’ website to pre-order the accompanying De Stijl 20th anniversary vault package.

Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes Season Two Podcast Trailer