The ABC music program The Sound took a trip down under this past weekend, where they captured a unique performance of “Mystik” by Tash Sultana. The 25-year-old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist shut down a runway at the Avalon Airport in Victoria, Australia to perform the single released in 2017.

Also featured on the “Ausmusic Month” episode of The Sound were Courtney Barnett, Pendulum, Baker Boy and Dallas Woods, Sampa The Great, Kita Alexander, Budjerah, A. Swayze & The Ghosts. Audiences got to see a preview of Barnett’s upcoming From Where I’m Standing webcast with her performance of “Sunday Roast“.

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As a drone camera comes into view of Sultana’s performance, it looks like it could be a full-blown concert for one. Instead, it is merely a concert of one, as Sultana displays their looping prowess through a variety of instruments. While keeping a steady, infectiously danceable beat, the Australian sensation toggles between instrument after instrument to continuously build up the sound.

The six-minute video comes to a slight halt about halfway through for a mid-song break, until Sultana kickstarts the tempo once again with a thumping bassline. Despite Tash’s reputation as a guitar player, we see comparatively little of Sultana rocking a six-string, and with the late addition of a saxophone, the song wraps up on a smooth, jazzy outro. In all, Sultana utilizes the bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, saxophone, some sort of electronic pad, and—of course—vocals all within six minutes.

Watch Tash Sultana perform “Mystik” at the Avalon Airport below. To watch the full episode of ABC’s The Sound celebrating Ausmusic Month click here.

Tash Sultana – “Mystik” live looping on The Sound

[Video: Tash Sultana]