We thought the day would never come, but hell hath frozen over–Willie Nelson has put a pause on nearly a lifetime of smoking cannabis.

You read that correctly. The man who just last year was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at California’s weed-inspired Emerald Cup has admitted he’s stopped smoking cannabis due to respiratory issues–for the moment that is.

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In a recent interview with San Antonio television station KSAT, the 86-year-old Nelson said his tired old lungs may have had enough of the ol’ “Jazz Cabbage” at this point in his life.

“I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful,” Nelson told the Texas media outlet. “I started smoking cedar bark, went from that to cigarettes to whatever, and that almost killed me … I don’t smoke anymore – take better care of myself.”

Nelson may have a point, considering he’s been forced to cancel or postpone performances a handful of times–often due to respiratory issues–within the last two years, including January 2018, February 2018, and again this past summer.

Willie fans shouldn’t be too upset, as on Thursday it was reported and confirmed by Nelson’s spokesperson that he hasn’t quit cannabis for good, but he is taking a break from smoking at the moment. the source confirmed that he still enjoys the natural remedy by means of vaping and edibles.

It is good to see Willie taking his health into consideration these days. The famous country guitarist and singer has already shared his initial touring plans for 2020, and will most likely never stop performing until those lungs of his finally give out for good.

Perhaps Neil Young should take note of Nelson’s decision, considering his cannabis use appears to be the main reason why the U.S. Government refuses to permit him citizenship at the moment.

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