Bassist Pino Palladino and multi-instrumentalist/producer Blake Mills continue to share new compositions which will appear on the duo’s forthcoming Notes With Attachments collaboration album due out next month on March 12th. On Wednesday the duo shared a new live video for a piece titled “Djurkel”, which also features sublime playing from saxophonist Sam Gendel.

Similar to the live video for “Just Wrong” shared earlier this month, the new video for “Djurkel” finds the three talented musicians in an intimate studio setting as highlighted by DIY-style cinematography from director Marcella Cytrynowicz.

Stretching out to just over eight minutes in length, “Djurkel” carries a bit quicker tempo than the experimental, slower pieces shared by Palladino and Mills thus far. Opening with Palladino’s bass riff that sounds reminiscent of West African and Saharan rock styles, the music is kept grounded by the more subtle, drawn-out notes from Gendel’s saxophone. With Mills also adding contributions from his electric guitar, the trio explores the melodic possibilities while bouncing ideas off one another in a live setting for yet another mesmerizing listening experience from start to finish.

Watch the trio perform the new instrumental piece below.

Pino Palladino, Blake Mills – “Djurkel” Feat. Sam Gendel [Live]

[Video: Official Blake Mills]

Other songs shared by Palladino and Mills so far that will appear on Notes With Attachments include “Man From Molise” and the more recent “Ekuté”, which features cameos from Andrew BirdChris Dave, and Marcus Strickland.

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