Just a few days ahead of the release of their seventh studio album, Mr. Finish Line, Ann Arbor-bred low-volume funk crusaders Vulfpeck have released another single, with a new video to accompany it. Following the beloved releases of “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh”, “Birds Of A Feather, We Rock Together“, and “Hero Town“, the quartet shares a fourth, guest-filled new track “Running Away” from the upcoming record–due out November 7, 2017. Featuring drummer James Gadson (Bill Withers, Charles Wright, and Gloria Gaynor), guitarist David T. Walker (Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder), and singer/songwriter, keyboardist/saxophonist, frequent collaborator Joey Dosik, the silky smooth session also features Gabe Noel on cello, and Antwaun Stanley sharing backup vocals with Theo Katzman. While bandleader Jack Stratton is musically absent from this track, his brand continues to show itself in the low-key setting of this low-volume hit.

Originally appearing on Joey Dosik’s 2016 Game Winner EP, the song has evolved through years of live performances and is now presented in a new, Vulf fashion. Joey Dosik, also the man behind “Game Winner” from 2015’s highly-praised Thrill of the Arts, once again deserves writers credit for the track’s spot on the upcoming Mr. Finish Line. Check out the new, guest-filled version of “Running Away” below:

Mr. Finish Line is promised to include “10 Indi Bangers from the band that recorded Newsbeat,” a nod to their 2014 Fugue State. Featured guests on the album include: frequent vocal contributors Antwaun Stanley and Christine Hucal, legendary session guitarist David T. Walker, Danish vocalist Coco O., legendary session drummer James Gadson, funk bassist/singer/songwriter and member of Parliament Funkadelic Bootsy Collins, drummer for Prince during The New Power Generation era Michael BlandGame Winner keyboardist/vocalist Charles Jones, vocalist Theo Katzman, keyboardist/saxophonist Joey Dosik, and guitarist/honorary 5th member Cory Wong.

You can pre-order your own copy of Mr. Finish Line today.