A number of notable musicians ranging from Dave Matthews to Haim will take part in a tribute event honoring the music of Yusuf/Cat Stevens. Branded as CatSong Festival, the one-day virtual event will take place on Saturday, December 5th, starting at 8 p.m. GMT/3 p.m. ET via Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ YouTube page.

More artists to take part in the Cat Stevens covers event include Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Passenger, Feist, James Morrison, Sad13, Ruby Waters & Debbie Bechamp, Matt Costa, The Heartstrings Project, Andy & Yuli Lynch, Leoni Jane Kennedy, Mary Spender, Mollie Marriott, Jason Kerrison, Braison Cyrus, and more still to be announced. The virtual festival comes as Stevens celebrates the 50th anniversaries of two of his seminal studio albums this year in 1970’s Tea For The Tillerman and Mona Bone Jakon.

“It’s great to see and hear these covers of my songs given new life,” Stevens added in a press statement. “There’s no better honor for a songwriter than to have his songs performed by talented musicians with such love and sincerity. Thank you.”

Stevens’ Tea For The Tillerman 2 50th anniversary reissue arrived back in September via Cat-O-Log Records/UMe, and featured new recordings of each song on the 1970 album including “Father and Son”, “Where Do The Children Play?”, and “On The Road To Find Out”.

Scroll down to see the full lineup of participating artists for this weekend’s CatSong Festival.

Click here to relive Nick Bluhm’s nature-inspired cover performance of Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ “Where Do The Children Play?” as seen during Democracy Comes Alive.