Papadosio is back with “Shiitake” from the band’s forthcoming Microdosio album. “Shiitake” joins previously-released Microdosio singles “Versicolor”, “Chaga“, “Lion’s Mane“, “Cubensis“, and “Fly Agaric“.

The song, along with the rest of the Microdosio album, ushers in a new perspective for the Asheville, NC-based group. On the album, and associated tour that was cut short, the jamtronica mainstays have embraced a more simplistic set up both onstage and in the studio, with an added emphasis on drum machines, synths, and samples.

“Shiitake” starts out like many of the other Microdosio singles, as it’s washed with phasers and kicks off with a drum machine. Soon enough, however, the loops start coming in with synthesizers and more artificial percussion on top of drummer Mike Healy‘s live contributions. “Shiitake” ramps up a slow but satisfying build as more and more elements enter the picture, and before long the song is a bouncing electronic groove and somewhat indistinguishable from the opening riff. After a classical mid-song breakdown, “Shiitake” jumps to light speed as Healy starts laying down some human beats and guitarist Anthony Thogmartin comes in to lead the team to the finish line. The song, in true Papadosio fashion, returns to the intro in the cyclical, three-dimensional song structure that makes every new release from the band exciting.

Listen to “Shiitake” from the upcoming Papadosio album Microdosio, out on July 9th from the band’s own Papadosio, Inc. record label.

Papadosio — “Shiitake”

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Papadosio was forced to cut its Microdosio tour short due to COVID-19, as well as postpone its Resonance Music & Arts Festival to 2021. The band is not set to return to the stage until June 19th when Papadosio kicks off a two-day release party for Microdosio at Salvage Station in the band’s home of Asheville, NC. With the event just over three weeks away, it is still highly possible that the concerts could be postponed. Visit Papadosio’s website for any announcements.